Property Rental & Tenancy

Property Rental & Tenancy

If you’re renting out a property, you may want your tenant to leave the rental property. This may be because:

  • you want to live in the property
  • the tenant has broken a term of the tenancy
  • the tenant is not paying the rent
  • the tenant has abandoned the property.

This list is not exhaustive.  When you want to end a tenancy, you must do it legally. Your tenants are protected by the law against harassment and unlawful eviction, so if you (or a letting agent acting on your behalf) do not follow the correct steps they may take court action.

The process for ending a tenancy, and the reasons you are allowed to bring a tenancy to an end, can be different depending on what type of tenancy your tenant has. It is important that you use the correct procedure when you end a tenancy – if you do not do this, you may be breaking the law.

We prepare the necessary eviction notices including Notice of Proceedings, Notices to Quit and Notices to Leave.  If court action is needed to obtain an eviction order, we can assist you to achieve this either through the courts or the Housing Tribunal.

If you require help with a tenancy issue, contact our team today.

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