Guardianships in Scotland ensuring the wellbeing and protection of vulnerable individuals

Guardianships play a crucial role in safeguarding the wellbeing and protecting the interests of vulnerable individuals who are unable to make decisions for themselves due to incapacity or disability.  In Scotland, the legal framework surrounding Guardianships provide a mechanism to ensure that appropriate decisions are made on behalf of those who lack capacity.    In this […]


Our team at Taylor & Henderson can advise on a full range of legal services in Scotland, including family law. We can help you through a difficult time and allow you to progress with your life, working together to achieve the outcome you desire. Below we have included a beginner’s guide to divorce and dissolution […]

Selling Your Home

Expert advice from Taylor & Henderson’s specialist estate agency team can make selling your home less stressful. We offer a friendly, personable, and fully comprehensive service.  At Taylor & Henderson, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach; we understand that our clients all have unique needs and selling circumstances.  Our team will […]